Friday Evening

I walked to work today for the first time this year. It was a nice morning and my car was in Thrifty anyway. I was listening to ‘The lost Symbol’ and enjoyed the breather.

I finished work early to hit the library and make some progress on my HRM essay (performance management in Thrifty). I made a lot of progress until I needed to change subjects and is now only a couple of hours away from competion.

I walked home listening to Elvis and headed into town to meet Gill and grab a bite in Madina.

We were going to watch ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’ but Gill got into the US Masters and facebook while I read my book on Thinking Strategically’


Starting Again

So I’m about to make my third effort at setting up and maintaining a blog. I’ve downloaded the WordPress app so I actually think I will blog regularly.

Meeting Gill for a subway and then the Thrifty crowd in McDonalds for a birthday celebration and I’m blogging in the chemists waiting for my script.

Later on I have a lecture in DCU on leadership which should be interesting. The only problem is I’m learning do much it is hard to absorb it all.

Then later on I have Liverpool v Benfica recording. I might ditch the car in Thrifty tonight and walk home / college because I’m getting a but soft around the edges and it is a nice day.

From tomorrow on I’m going to be pretty much full on with college work.

Catch Up Time

The last couple of week have been pretty busy so I think I need to catch up with a few things:

Stephen’s 30th Birthday
Between myself, Gill and the Nally clan we bought Stephen a new camera to mark the occasion. Myself and Gill headed to Limerick on Saturday September 6 to meet Stelke and friends in a pub in Limerick. The night was really enjoyable for both of us and Steve had a chance to let his hair down.

Rather than stay down, myself and Gill headed back to Dublin that night, leaving Limerick at about 0100 and getting home just over 3 hours later. The drive was fine for the most part.

New Gym Membership
In my efforts to have more gym memberships than anybody else, myself and Gill joined the gym in the Regency Hotel. The facilities are outstanding and in return for the pretty hefty fees, you get a very comfortable and well equipped Gym that never has more than 5 people in it.

The pool area is fantastic. The facilities and the colours really surprised me. It is so relaxing there I would nearly sit by the pool for an hour and read my book imagining I was in Spain or something. Not bad for a swimming pool located 2 floors underground.

After the lovely meal we had for Nif’s birthday in Millstone, last night myself and Gill paid a return visit. We ordered the same starter (Olives and Dips) and I tried the Veggie Burger which was lovely, but next time I think I’ll be returning to the Fajitas Pizza 😀

Nif 21st

A couple of days ago, Nif, Clay, Gill, Ais, David and myself celebrated Niamh’s 21st in town. I headed into town to meet Gill after work in Thrifty. We met at the back of the Central Bank and then spent a couple of hours strolling around town. We couldn’t really buy anything because we are both broke although a few new games for my WII were seriously tempting.

Nif and Clay were late into town so myself, Ais, Dave and Gill went for a drink in the Bank first. Niamh and Clay joined us after about 20 mins when we gave them a birthday card. My one (which Gill chose) was perfect given their age differences. Something along the lines of: Older man says ‘Where have you been all my life?’ younger girl says ‘I wasn’t alive for most of it.’

The restaurant was Millstone, right opposite the Central Bank. It is related somehow to Miller’s of Baggot’s Street in some way I think. Myself and Gill shared a starter and I had a roasted pineapple fajitas pizza which was very nice. Desert was some chocolate cake with 6 spoons. We all piled into my car for the trip back to the apartment and some Wii fun.


With dad being home and visiting Malachy etc on the boat on Lough Derg, I took the opportunity to get out of Dublin for the evening. I am taking any opportunity I can get to get out of Dublin for an evening here and there even it involves a lot of driving. I find the short break and change of scenery very relaxing.

Anyway, back to Garykennedy. Dad went with two friends of his for KL (Keite and Aska sp?) to the boat for a couple of nights. I was to meet up with them in Garykennedy. I got my clothes at lunch time and left from Thrifty at 4.30. The driving was grand once I got past Rathcoole and with the aid of my GPS found my way to Garykennedy on some very tiny roads.

I have been to Garykennedy before and love the tiny town. There is one road in and out and most of the residents live on boats in the harbour. I got there at 7.30 and met dad and his friends. They were staying in a B&B. They had been told it was within walking distance, but about 750 m up the road I was sent back to get the car.

We had dinner in Larkin’s. I had a veggie Mexican fajitas which were nice and chatted with Cahtal and Jack. Jack was on his PSP and Cathal amused himself with a block moving puzzle game on my phone. When we finished, I went with Jack and Cathal to the playground and then went back to the boat to watch Hancock. Dad needed a lift back to the B&B. I was staying on the boat that night. I drove him and his friends back and decided to leave the car with them and walk back.

There were no lights and at times I couldn’t see my hand in front of me. It reminded me a lot of being a lot younger and living in Ratoath. I made it back for the end of Hancock and then went to bed slightly earlier than the boys. I spent an hour or two relaxing with my laptop and then slept well.

The next day I left at 1200 and headed to Limierck to visit Cillian, Arran, Elke and Stephen. I had lunch with Stephen and Elke and then spent some time playing WII with Stephen before heading back to Dublin. I worked Sunday, but the night out of Dublin was very relaxing.

13th August

This is always a strange day for me, and this year I marked the 13th year since my accident. I don’t believe in 13 being an unlucky number, but it was August the 13th and to the best of my knowledge it was fence 13 too. Strange looking back on that day 13 years on the new memories your brain gives you access to. I can’t remember all of the fences tho, and my last memory was of passing mum as I flew across a field.

I had a chat on gtalk with Ailbhe about the accident and she gave me some of her perspective which is always interesting for me. I had a quick chat with BJ online, and he told me about getting his leaving cert results and then getting a call from Noel G to tell him what had happened. 13 years on I’m still learning about what happened. Things like my friends from Castle Knock coming in to see me with Fr. D that I never knew about.

In the last 12 months I have also had issues with my Jaw and needed to visit my Max Fax (face doc). I thought I broke my jaw but I wasn’t sure… turns out the muscles in my jaw were spasming and pushing my lower jaw out so that my teeth were rubbing every time I closed my jaw. He sent me away with some exercises. I got to admit I was very skeptical, but I am now enjoying my new lower jaw position. I think all this proves is that I will forever be finding new things, noticing new things on my face and my body.

My Max Fax doc also told me about the day he first saw me. He had known my Dad and uncles growing up. He saw my name but it didn’t register until he went out to meet my parents and saw my Dad. He didn’t think he would ever of had a chance to work on me or would ever see me again.

13th of August also marks the 5 year anniversary of my Dad moving to Malaysia. He left on August 12th, but landed on the 13th.

This post may seem a bit reflective, but I think I am allowed that once a year. One split second event changed who I am forever in almost every way. I probably will never figure it all out.

Road Trip 2008

I’ll write a proper entry very soon and upload some pictures.